Adventures in Dating – The 49th State One Southern Girl

Adventures in Dating
297 Pages
ISBN 978-1494339777

Kari Covington left it all to settle in Alaska. Charleston had been home: friends, school, family, and her past. But a fresh start to her personal and love life is what she needs. The Final Frontier is nothing like the “Good Ol’ South,” which suits Kari just fine. She can create a new life, start a career, find love, and seek the adventure she craves.

Eager to embark on her new journey and with so many rugged eligible men, Kari sets out to meet “The One.” A string of bad dates tests Kari’s optimism as winter closes in. With no one to keep her warm, Kari relies on cooking, baking and her new best friends. Weekly calls from Mama call her back to the life her family planned.

No one said looking for love was easy…

Sara Rishforth

About Sara Rishforth (Bend, Oregon Author)

Sara Rishforth

Sara Rishforth is a ukulele player, lover of good food, and adores her red patent leather Danskos. While writing has always been a passion, she’s worked as a fundraiser, kitchen assistant, airline gate agent, event planner, and yogurt cone swirler.

Adventures in Dating is her first novel. Raised in South Carolina, Sara moved to Alaska for her own adventures. After eight winters and sharing many plates of nachos with friends, Sara now lives in beautiful Bend, Oregon with her husband and their cat, Yam.