Dangerous Deception – Allon - Book 7

Dangerous Deception
305 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9891029-1-9

After receiving an invitation from the reclusive country of Natan to meet the new Emperor, King Tyrone entrusts Nigel, Mirit, and Lord Allard as royal envoys. Matters become complicated when a defiant 12-year-old Titus stows aboard ship en route to Natan. Tyrone rushes to intercept his wayward son, only Admiral Kentashi's escort ship meets them earlier than anticipated. The groups makes a hasty decision to conceal certain identities in hopes of avoiding trouble or insulting their host.

Unfortunately, their arrival in Natan plunges them into a mystery of unusual events that triggers a civil war! It becomes a life and death struggle to escape, for nothing is as it seems.

Shawn Lamb

About Shawn Lamb (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Shawn Lamb

Shawn Lamb is a prolific writer whose career began in the 1980s. She and her husband have called Nashville home for nearly 30 years. Before moving to Nashville, Shawn worked as a Hollywood scriptwriter for children’s television on a show called "BraveStarr". She has received awards for her fiction, and a Certificate of Merit from the American Screen Writer’s Association.

This story was originally intended to be a single YA fantasy story for her teen-aged daughter, but turned into the epic series. The YA series consists of 12 books with a spin-off trilogy for ages 8-10.

Highlighting her "Allon" fantasy books, Shawn attends book fairs and conventions across the country. She teaches workshops for young people about writing. Together, with her husband, Rob Lamb, and daughter, Briana Lamb, Shawn, an alumnus of MTSU, can be found at comic-cons in Tennessee and Georgia. Rob worked on "He-Man", "She-Ra", and "BraveStarr" while Briana is known in the community as "The Lady Nerd".
Joined, they are "The Family Lamb, Generational Geeks".