Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities – A Handbook For Life

Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities
143 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4525-2143-5

Every once in awhile a book is written that speaks right to your soul.

Embracing Your Unlimited Possibilities is one of those books. This handbook is full of down to earth wisdom and useful insights that invite you to open your heart and mind to your authentic self. Carol A. Briney’s conversational style of writing makes you feel as if she is sitting in your living room sharing a cup of tea and speaking directly to you.

The step-by-step exercises offer a road map that will not only help you to realize your limitless potential for joy and happiness; it will also help you to embrace it, thus allowing you to create and live the life of your dreams.

This book will show you how to:

Know that you are directly connected to your Source/God/Creator Break through your self-imposed limiting belief Live a life of joy and happiness

Carol A. Briney

About Carol A. Briney (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Author)

Carol A. Briney

Carol has combined her 30-plus years of business experience with her many years of Spiritual study to create a unique blend of Spiritual Prosperity. Her passion is to help people and businesses to move from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY Carol shares life-changing information and empowers people to find their personal power by using their inner guidance. Carol teaches how the law of attraction, your intentions, your thoughts, and feelings create your life.

Carol’s has a sincere desire to help people to unlock their personal and spiritual potential. Her talks enhance, uplift, and empower her audiences to joyously expand their lives. Carol’s personal philosophy is that we are all on this planet to live joyously and shine our individual lights brightly and by doing so we automatically make this world a better place.

“People do not need to be rescued, fixed or saved. What they need is knowledge of their own personal power and how to access it.” ~ Carol A. Briney