Finding Zoe – A Deaf Woman's Story of Identity, Love and Adoption

Finding Zoe
265 Pages
ISBN 978-194036322-6

Four-month-old Zoe was losing her hearing. Her adoptive parents agonized—feeling they couldn’t handle raising a deaf child. Would Zoe go into the welfare system or be the long-sought answer to a mother’s prayers?

Brandi Rarus was 6 when spinal meningitis caused her deafness. Despite her struggles, Brandi went on to become Miss Deaf America in 1988 and a spokesperson for her community.

Finding Zoe shows that by being true to herself, Brandi found the daughter of her dreams. It also shows how Brandi's life intertwined with Zoe's first 4 parents, and how they, by being true to themselves and to Zoe, led Zoe to the perfect home.

The story points to a divine order and timing and how we are all connected, we are One.

Gail Harris

About Gail Harris (Boston, Massachusetts Author)

Gail Harris

Gail Harris is an author and Intuition Coach who helps people make following their intuition a way of life, so they can be the best expression of themselves. She also coaches authors to find the best expression of their manuscript and how to develop it. Gail was a finalist for an IPNE Book Award for the memoir Finding Zoe. Her book, Your Heart Knows the Answer teaches you how to listen for and then trust your intuition. The framework of Gail’s Intuition Training Program is called The Goodness Framework for Living. Gail studied yoga and meditation at the Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health. Yet, the job where she uses her intuition most is being the mother to her teenage son.

Brandi Rarus

About Brandi Rarus (Co-Author)

Brandi Rarus

Deaf since age six after contracting spinal meningitis, BRANDI RARUS could speak and read lips, but felt caught between the deaf and hearing world— fitting into neither. When she realized you don’t need to hear to live a full life, she became empowered and was chosen as Miss Deaf America. From signing the National Anthem at a Chicago Cubs game to speaking at corporate conferences, Brandi traveled the country speaking out for deaf children and building awareness of what it means to be Deaf.

She married Tim Rarus, an advocate for Deaf people whose work inspired the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act. Together, they have paved the way to bring new technologies that promote equal access in communication. Brandi and Tim live in Austin, Texas, with their four children: three hearing boys and the youngest, Zoe, a Deaf girl they adopted. Today, Brandi and her family are tirelessly dedicated to ensuring all children and their rightful place in our world.