Gunshots at Graveyard Bend – Ty Carson #3

Gunshots at Graveyard Bend
272 Pages

There's nothing like starting Christmas break shoveling snow . . . Especially when you're being chased with a shovel.

Getting off on the wrong foot for Christmas break isn't what fourteen-year-old Ty Carson wanted to do. The missing dogs seemed bad enough, but then the play was dumped on them. Can a maniac killer, an angel costume, and gunshots help Ty experience the joy of the Lord?

When threats turn to reality, can Ty stop the disaster? Or is a gang war inevitable? Will the weather cause problems of its own, or will it help them as they try to save a young boy? With dead dogs and a humiliating experience fresh on his mind, Ty has to save the town, but will his warning be in time?

Priscilla J. Krahn

About Priscilla J. Krahn (Fargo, North Dakota Author)

Priscilla J. Krahn

Priscilla J. Krahn is the youngest of seven and lives on a farm in northern MN. Priscilla always loved to read her older siblings books, and that love of reading, sparked a passion for writing. Her goal is to write books that not only entertain, but that also share a Biblical message.