Marisol – A Little Girl with a Big Dream

24 Pages
ISBN 9781543441987

“Marisol: A Little Girl with a Big Dream” is written to help young children and their parents realize that great possibilities are limitless. Marisol has big dreams that her mother does not realize. She experiences different emotions as she reveals her true heart’s desires to her mom. At first, Marisol is very hesitant, not knowing how her mom will react. Later, she suddenly feels empowered to speak up. Marisol is surprised by her mom’s reaction.

LaTanya Brooks

About LaTanya Brooks (Houston, Texas Author)

LaTanya Brooks

Always the people’s advocate, LaTanya Brooks is also a children’s book author and educator. As a young child, she was raised with the belief that no one should be disadvantaged because of gender, disability or background, and that education is a powerful tool in overcoming obstacles.

She maintains that the mind is ever expanding and capable of great feats. LaTanya graduated from the University of Houston, earning a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration from American InterContinental University. Ultimately, in 2006, she decided to pursue a career in education. With her academic knowledge, she continues to inspire young minds.

Questioned about the motivation to create this resource, she explained: “I want to design books that inspire children, especially at-risk children, to pursue STEM-related careers. I also feel it is important to eliminate some of the handicapping implicit biases people unconsciously impose on themselves and others. I will continue to promote STEM awareness to create a more diverse STEM community.”

"LaTanya is both an educator and author of excellence. With a heart full of compassion and concern for our students, she diligently works to connect with them and guide them to their dreams. Her book will inspire all of our students to strive toward their highest potential. Thank you to Ms. Brooks for all that she does!!!" --Dr. Parrish, School Counselor