Melodies of the Heart – Melodias del Corazon

In this collection of poetry crafted by writer, author and poet Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera, the reader will first be struck by her profound sense of place. In fact, throughout this work, it is often impossible to distinguish the profound love of her native Dominican Republic from the love of her adopted country, the United States. Perhaps it is a needless undertaking to even attempt to define this distinction. In a tangible sense, her work reflects the raw patriotism she demonstrates in her daily life – a life faithful to active community involvement, volunteerism and leadership in every community she serves.

Throughout this work, the heart and soul of Ana Arelys’s voice and ear shine through plainly, planted firmly in the traditional and shared American and Dominican values of family, legacy and spirit. These themes weave all through this work, binding it together, offering the reader a richness of message that only her unique voice could intend. Ana Arelys selects each word with great care, much like a composer might choose each note of a sonata, and whether consumed in silence or spoken aloud in either English or Spanish, her poems speak to a spectrum of human conditions. Friendship, justice, love, sorrow and even death, appear and perform as lively supporting actors on a stage, built from more universal messages.

It has been said that the aim of poetry is to teach and delight. If so, then in Melodies of the Heart, we propose that Ana Arelys has achieved both. We’re honored to have been asked to contribute, even in this very small way, to her newest collection. Her love of poetry, prose and the written word shine through with each and every phrase. We hope you will join us and enjoy this celebration of the work.

Dawn & Steven Porter Founders of the Association of Rhode Island Authors

Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera

About Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera (Rhode Island Author)

Ana Arelys Cruz Cabrera

In 2013, Ms. Cruz Cabrera published 3 historical books contrasting the cities of Providence and Santo Domingo, historically and culturally. The Tourist Guide, Santo Domingo and Providence was the third book published by this versatile poet and author, a pictorial book presenting the historical tourist attractions of both Rhode Island and Dominican Republic.

In 2014, Cruz Cabrera launched her 4th book and first poetry anthology in the city of Cranston which contains patriotic, family, elegy, love poems and sonnets; but most importantly, The Anthem to the Fathers dedicated to all the fathers of the world. This musical production was first launched in Boston; and a year later, with a new production and musical arrangement in the city of Cranston were she resides.

In 2013, she was recognized for her poetic work and was invited to be the Keynote Speaker at the 2013 Dominican Independence and Heritage Award of Rhode Island. In 2014, she was distinguished for her community leadership role and contribution to the literature through her poems by the Latina Leadership Institute. She is a very passionate declaimer capable of transmitting her feelings to the audience. Ms. Cruz Cabrera is currently the president of the Dominican Independence and Heritage Award Committee of Rhode Island (DIHACRI), organization which celebrates the talents of the Dominican residing in RI. She is one of the finalist to become Rhode Island Poet Laureate, pending since January 9, 2016.