Not Self but Country – A New Nation Forges A New Navy

Not Self but Country
211 Pages
ISBN 978-1512371055

“Not Self but Country” is the first book in this new series telling the story of the infant US Navy. "Not Self but Country" is a story of the men who sailed into battle against the mighty British Navy in their smaller, often obsolete vessels converted from merchant ships of the day—men with names such as John Barry, Richard Dale, and John Paul Jones.

Now you can experience the exploits of these men. At sea aboard a fragile wooden sailing ship of the Continental Navy, you find yourself fighting desperate battles against the world’s largest and most powerful Navy, Great Britain. Cover your ears! Cannons are firing everywhere—you cough on the pungent smoke, dodging and ducking as jagged oak splinters cartwheel past your eyes.

There is nonstop action in this exciting new book.



"If you only read one book about the beginning of the United States Navy, Not Self but Country is it. Dave Perry expertly weaves an exciting and suspenseful story about the early days of the Navy and its heroes such as Captain John Barry, John Paul Jones, and Richard Dale. Bringing these leaders to life with a cast of superb supporting characters, provides an insight into our nation's history and the traditions and customs that are still observed daily aboard Navy ships around the world."

—Rear Admiral Greg Nosal, US Navy Retired

David C. Perry

About David C. Perry (Spokane, Washington Author)

David C. Perry

Writing the stories of the brave men and women who have served our country at sea is one of David's greatest joys. Thoroughly researched for actual events and reliable backdrops, Perry uses period and nautical language to tell the true stories of these intrepid patriots.

Born in Stockton, California in the 1950s, David moved to Seattle, Washington in 1960 with his parents and brother. The family eventually settled in Libby, Montana.

David reported to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland in 1977. It was at this time that he was introduced to that intrepid seafaring officer, Horatio Hornblower, by C.S Forester.

After a lifetime reading this inspiring genre, David decided it was time that the early US Navy had someone to tell their story. Thus, the "Not Self but Country" series was born!

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