The Mirror In My Dorm Room – (A Time Travel Story)

The Mirror In My Dorm Room
27 Pages
ISBN 978-1521030660

Justina Oceans is just a regular college student in the fictional town of Summersville, Louisiana, until her ordinary life changes after she walks through an old mirror in her dorm room and goes back in time to 1932.

While Justina is back in time, everyone thinks that she is Laurice Haywoods, a famous star of the 1930s.

During Justina's time travel journey she discovers why the past keeps pulling her back to 1932.

Lashonda Beauregard

About Lashonda Beauregard (Alexandria, Louisiana Author)

Lashonda Beauregard

Lashonda Beauregard is from Alexandria, Louisiana, and has lived in Lafayette, Louisiana. She is a Peabody Magnet High School graduate and a graduate of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL). "I was voted most bashful, shyest girl in high school." Lashonda is the author of the books The Harlem Renaissance Time Traveler's Diary, The Mirror In My Dorm Room (A Time Travel Story), and the new book The Tannell's Family Secret. She enjoys writing poetry and music as well as stories.