The Only Constant – The SON Book Two

The Only Constant
501 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9833767-0-5

Book Two...When things seem to happen all at once. When chaos awaits around every corner and you feel you are looking out at life from inside the blender.... You may remember the words you were taught as a child, "calm down...

The Only Constant is Change."

For a self appointed avenger trying to stay under the radar, change can be even more severe.

If those changes include a reviving Drug Cartel, a Russian gang lord, and others pretending to be you..those changes could mean life or death. Not only for you, but for those around you.

In the midst of all the turmoil, Jonathan Crane must find a way to also be...

The Only Constant.

Doug Dahlgren

About Doug Dahlgren (Atlanta, Georgia Author)

Doug Dahlgren

Doug is the author of nine action, suspense, thrillers he calls "plausible fiction. The main series, of six books, is called The SON Series The first of that series is The SON Silas Rising

Doug also hosts a weekly, internet radio program, The Doug Dahlgren Show Where he interviews authors and other interesting people about their work.

The first Friday of each month, Doug hosts "An Evening with Authors You Should Know" A four author panel introducing those writer to a live audience at The Georgia Center for the Book

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