Tiny Island Summer – True North Book 2

Tiny Island Summer
153 Pages
ISBN 978-1530265749

2015 Kindle Scout winning book

Thanks to her job, Darcy Rogus, has been relocated to the middle of nowhere. But with her determination to succeed and her best friend by her side, nothing is going to sidetrack Darcy achieving her career goals, especially not a handsome and brooding next-door neighbor.

Ben Hampton has put his life on hold to take care of his ailing mother, and he can’t let himself get distracted by anything, even if those distractions come with enticing hazel eyes. Staying away from each other is easier said than done on an island of fewer than three hundred people.

Rachelle Paige

About Rachelle Paige (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Rachelle Paige

Rachelle stumbled into the world of romance novels in college; as a way to help speed up her reading to make it through Art History textbooks. After years in the professional world writing very dry grant proposals and auction descriptions, she started writing the contemporary romance stories she wanted to read. Setting her books in some of her favorite destinations was her inspired way to require plenty of research trips every year with her family.

Author of the contemporary romance True North series, Anchored in the Bay (book 1), Tiny Island Summer-a Kindle Scout winning book-(book 2), On the Rocks (book 3), and Across the Lake (book 4); and author of the wholesome contemporary romance series Golden Shores, Tidal Patterns (book 1), Coastal Erosion (book 2) and coming December 2016 Surface Currents (book 3).

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