Wandering Star – Book One of the Reunification Series

Wandering Star
280 Pages
Steven Anderson
ISBN 9780999178805

When Ted Holloman graduated from the Academy, he expected his first deployment with the Reunification Commission to be filled with the excitement and adventure he’d dreamed of since childhood. In Wandering Star, he finds that excitement risks death, adventure hides heartache, and there is cold truth inside the old Dulcinean proverb that your destiny is determined by who you invite into your bed.

Ted wants to prove himself a dependable young RuComm scientist supporting the mission to bring the worlds of Earth’s shattered interstellar Union back together. The first planet fall on Dulcinea makes him question his idealism. People there want to kill each other, and a stray geologist caught in the middle is fair game. Hannah, the ship’s linguist, is willing to help Ted understand how the universe works, including teaching him how regulations forbidding romantic entanglements can be ignored. Things would be easier for her if Ted hadn’t brought Alice back from the battlefield with him. When Hannah goes missing in the Warrens on Bodens Gate, Ted must choose between leaving RuComm forever to rescue her, or following Alice’s advice and abandoning her to the sprawling slum where anything can be had for a price and the first words of revolution are being whispered in the back alleys.

Steven J. Anderson

About Steven J. Anderson (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Steven J. Anderson

Steven Anderson is the author of the Reunification series of science fiction adventures and romances, and various short stories. An IT professional with a background in space command and control systems, Steve is a graduate of the University of Colorado with degrees in Geology and Economics. He is passionate about good writing and creative story telling. Steve lives in Colorado with his wife and an aging collection of parts that’s sometimes a car.

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