13 Tales Told Twistily

Prepare yourself for the Halloween season with the most twisted tales we’ve ever shared on the Internet or in print. Over 13,000 words cautiously set within 13 scary stories about zombies, monsters, vampires, cyborgs, ghosts, and mummies—and the scariest of all: humans.

Witness a British Tea gone horribly wrong…snowmobile up a mountain to find a body…interact with a mummy who has a secretive grin…and so much more in “13 Tales Told Twistily”. Original modern takes on traditional monsters sure to make you think twice about turning off the lights on Halloween night. Grab your candy, sit in a chair, and read them all if you dare.

Bonus flash-fiction story 'Photanulus' at the end of this book.

Ken Casey

About Ken Casey (Delaware Author)

Ken Casey

Ken Casey is a writer living in The Garden State with his lovely wife Eileen.

Graduate of many schools (and schools of thought), he has published over 50 science articles, a few poems, and some short stories. Ken is currently working on a Christmas Story Anthology, a science-fiction novel set on Mars, and is breeding tomatoes.

He enjoys rock collecting, photography, wood and metal working, and more. His wife claims he has too many hobbies, yet indulges him, because he enjoys so much.