21 Days to a Big Idea – Creating Breakthrough Business Concepts

21 Days to a Big Idea
154 Pages
ISBN 978-1-62681-831-6

Think of 21 Days to a Big Idea as a kind of daily workout for the creative mind. Readers use a fun, creative process to create an original business concept -- actually a wide variety of concepts -- in the 21 day program.

By investing less than an hour a day, the "student" will:

1) learn a new toolkit of creative thinking strategies and problem solving techniques that can be useful for solving a wide variety of both personal and professional challenges, and

2) generate more than a dozen practical new business concepts from which to choose the highest potential/winning idea for a new start-up.

21 Days to a Big Idea is an easy -- and entertaining -- way to discover your first, or next "big idea!"

Bryan Mattimore

About Bryan Mattimore (Fairfield County, Connecticut Author)

Bryan Mattimore

Bryan W. Mattimore is cofounder and “Chief Idea Guy” of the Growth Engine Company, www.growth-engine.com, a sixteen-year old innovation agency based in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Bryan has facilitated over a thousand brainstorming sessions, moderated over five hundred creative focus groups, and managed over two hundred innovation projects, leading to over $3 billion in new sales for a wide variety of Fortune 500 clients including Kraft, Unilever, Ford, Merck, and Pepsi.

A cum laude graduate of Dartmouth, and a three-time author of best-selling ideation and innovation books, his previous book was "Idea Stormers, How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs" (Wiley Jossey-Bass).