3 Simple Words – Solving Life's Greatest Problems in Three Words or Less

3 Simple Words
164 Pages
ISBN 978-0578222110

We make things complicated. You hate your job? Stop doing it. Know you need to exercise and eat right to lose weight? Start doing it. Scared to leave the country and explore? Do it anyway. I have found that much of life’s “hard” questions can be answered in three words or less. Stop overthinking it. Just do it. It’ll be okay. You are enough. It’s that simple.

This book serves as motivation and inspiration for readers to follow their hearts and to become more in tuned to the little voice that lies within us all. The voice always giving us guidance and answers though we are often guilty of doubting, denying or outright ignoring it.

Divided into three sections: Choices, Decisions, and Self Talk, the author compartmentalizes how we talk to ourselves and others using words of wisdom, relevant scenarios, and real life situations to make the information easy to read and relatable on a personal level. This book is like having a conversation with a good friend.

J. Marie

About J. Marie (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

J. Marie

J. Marie is the owner of Patchwork Theory Publishing, LLC founded in the spring of 2019 for the purposes of self publishing the myriad of this author's works housed in varying genres both for herself, her young children and other aspiring writers. The premise behind the her patchwork theory is such: "No person is made up of a single cloth. We are all multifaceted. We are pieces of our whole selves stitched together into something beautiful like a patchwork quilt. We are pieced together perfectly, beautifully broken, tastefully tattered, colorful, dark, vivid and plain. We are patched together to create a blanket of all that is life".

When J. Marie started this journey, she knew that she couldn’t limit herself to just one idea. Aside from being a a true bibliophile, she sings, write songs, performs and writes poetry and spoken word, she is a a motivational speaker, an educator, a certified life coach, has a passion for health and fitness, has many website ideas, and many more invention ideas. J. Marie earnestly seeks to change to world, one word and one action at a time.