5 Simple Questions to Reclaim Your Happiness – and create amazing relationships for life!

5 Simple Questions to Reclaim Your Happiness
ISBN 978-1-64204-831-5

Are you tired of endless fights and misunderstandings between you and the people you care about? Do you feel like no matter what you say or do, you just can’t get anyone to understand you?  Do you feel powerless, or as though it is easier hanging on to grudges and negativity than to continue struggling?

In this guide for teens, Award-Winning Author and Teen Confidence Expert, Jacqui Letran, teaches you how to use five simple questions to transform your relationships from those filled with tension and frustration to those complete with trust and acceptance.

In this book, you will discover: How to identify your feelings How to understand why you feel as you do How to let go of your unwanted emotion How to create win-win situations, enhance and rebuild your relationships, and much more!

If you want to be in control of your feelings, and to let go of things easily, this book is for you.  This compact guide is filled with simple tips and easy-to-follow techniques, so get ready to reclaim your happiness and create amazing relationships for life!

Jacqui Letran

About Jacqui Letran (Asheville, North Carolina Author)

Jacqui Letran

Jacqui Letran is an Award-Winning Author, Nurse Practitioner, and Teen Confidence Expert with over 18-years of experience guiding youth to optimal physical and mental health. Her multi-award-winning book series, Words of Wisdom for Teens has earned sixteen awards and is regarded as a "must-read" collection of books for teens and young adults struggling with low self-esteem, anxiety or depression.

Through her writing, client sessions, and keynote engagements, Jacqui teaches that success and happiness are achievable by everyone, regardless of current struggles and circumstances. Jacqui is a gifted and energetic leader who dedicates her life's work to help teens create a powerful and resilient mindset to be happy and successful in life.

An avid adventurer, Jacqui spends most of the year exploring the U.S. in her motorhome with her husband, 4 cats, and a dog. When not traveling, Jacqui can be found soaking up the sunshine and smiles in Dunedin, Florida.

You can connect with Jacqui at: https://JacquiLetran.com, Author@JacquiLetran.com, https://facebook.com/JacquiLetran, Instagram: @JacquiLetran, https://LinkedIn.com/in/JacquiLetran,

Jacqui's Literary Awards: 2018 Readers Favorite Gold Medal, Young-Adult Social-Issues, 2018 Literary Classics' Gold Medal for Young Adult Self-Esteem, 2018 Literary Classics' Gold Medal for Young Adult Self-Help Books, 2018 Top Shelf Indie Book Award Finalist, 2018 The Author Show's Top Female Author Finalist, 2018 Reader's Choice Award Finalist, 2017 Nautilus Book Award Gold Medal, Young-Adult Non-Fiction, 2017 Wishing Shelf Book Award Finalist, 2017 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal, Young-Adult Social Issues, 2017 Literary Classics' Gold Medal for Young Adult Self-Help Books, 2017 Reader's Choice Award Finalist, 2017 Kindle Book Award Finalist, 2016 Literary Classics' Lumen Award for Literary Excellence, Young-Adult, Non-Fiction, 2016 Literary Classics' Gold Medal for Youth Adult Non-Fiction, 2016 Readers' Favorite Gold Medal Award for Young Adult Non-Fiction.