'68 – A Novel

117 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4620-7316-0

'68 is the story of several families living in a small town in Northern California and how they are impacted by the world-changing events of 1968. It is also a story about racial injustice and how, hopefully, we grow beyond it. It is about the lens through which each of us views the world, a work in progress for a lifetime.

C.W. Spooner

About C.W. Spooner (Orange County, California Author)

C.W. Spooner

C.W. Spooner was born and raised in Vallejo, California, though he now calls Orange County home. He is the author of '68 - A Novel; Children of Vallejo - a short story collection; Yeah, What Else? - a collection of essays, memoirs, and poems; and Like a Flower in the Field - a second collection of short stories.

His stories have appeared in Monday Update, The Storyteller, Spitball, Lost Coast Review, and Of Burgers & Barrooms - an anthology published by Main Street Rag. Spooner earned a B.S. in Management from Golden Gate University and enjoyed a forty-year career in Information Technology management.