9 Life Altering Lessons – Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled

9 Life Altering Lessons
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ISBN 978-193458803

Kala Ambrose’s book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled, delves into the teachings of ancient Egypt and Greece and explains the Mystery Schools and their ventures into the other realms. The purpose of the 9 Life Altering Lessons Book and Course is to invite you to pull up a chair and join me here for a thought-provoking conversation, like philosophers have done throughout the ages. Kala has spent this lifetime and others engaged in conversations such as these. Some call her a teacher. She likes to say "I do not teach, rather I help souls remember who they are".

This knowledge is timeless and universal and each person retains this information deep within their soul where they hold the key. When they are ready to release this wisdom and remember who they are and why they are here, they do so. For some people, the way to take this journey is through the mystery schools with a teacher and a guide. The teachings, referred to as wisdom, enlightenment, and esoteric teachings have been shared through many ages of humanity. Some of the most recognized are from ancient Egypt, Greece, India and Celtic Europe, however their history goes back much further to Sumeria and Babylon and to what is referred to as Atlantis and Lemuria. The origin of the teachings were brought to earth by teachers of light, in service to humanity.

Carefully crafted, the teachings were taught exoterically to the masses in parables and esoterically to those who were ready to look deeper within their soul. Each lesson was introduced to the mind, then experienced through the heart and eventually became a permanent part of the soul, carried forth from one lifetime to the next. It could be more accurately described to say that they are absorbed within to gain new life, rather than committed to rote memory.

Kala Ambrose

About Kala Ambrose (Raleigh, North Carolina Author)

Kala Ambrose

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Renowned intuitive coach, award winning author, spiritual teacher, and host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show. Kala's books and courses are described as empowering by thousands who have been inspired by her teachings.

Author of five books including The Awakened Psychic, The Awakened Aura, Spirits of New Orleans, 9 Life Altering Lessons and Ghosthunting North Carolina, she shares how to connect with your soul path and create a life and career that is in tune with your life purpose and goals.

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