9 Lives – (Book One) “I Have a Dream” Team Book Series

9 Lives
32 Pages
ISBN 978-1-949572-06-3

Meet the Louisville Slothers, a struggling middle school softball team, who desperately needs coaching on how to love. Their coach isn't just any coach. She's a little dog with a BIG dream! Coach Gracie is going to teach about unconditional love and how to WIN when we put Christ first.

Sherry Collier Larkin

About Sherry Collier Larkin (Tulsa, Oklahoma Author)

Sherry Collier Larkin

Sherry Collier Larkin loves to write and inspire with words! As a former Christian radio writer and on-air host, Sherry has been impacting lives for years. Her new book series called "I Have a Dream" Team features her 15 year old pug "Gracie" as the coach of a struggling middle school softball team. When she's not writing, Sherry is enjoying life with her husband, Don, and their other fur baby, Jake.