A Curse Eternal – The Tragic Account of the Flying Dutchman

A Curse Eternal
145 Pages
ISBN 9781370299218

Of all of the old sea stories and folklore, one of the most elusive and varied tales is the story of the Flying Dutchman. Most versions agree that the fateful event took place at the Cape of Good Hope, but just how exactly did Captain Van der Decken earn his curse to sail the seven seas for eternity? Did his devotion to his beautiful wife affect his judgment? And what actually becomes of those who encounter the Flying Dutchman on the high seas?

Now, in the present day, the captain believes he has finally found his true love again. Does this modern day woman realize who she really is? Is finding her again after all these years enough to end his curse? A family sailing trip to Bermuda becomes a desperate race and struggle for survival in this nautical thriller.

David Stookey

About David Stookey (Rochester, New York Author)

David Stookey

For my day job, I'm an engineer at a digital printer manufacturing company in western New York. I'm also a husband, the father of two fantastic girls and a neurotic little dachshund named "Misty."

As an undergraduate, my focus was primarily mathematics and science. I guess I ultimately needed the "nerdy stuff" for my career, but the class I enjoyed the most was an "Introduction to Writing Fiction." Not only did I learn the basics for my own writing; I got to hear a wide variety of perspectives and techniques from other students.

I still have a great deal to learn, and e-publishing seems like the perfect way to get started. When I'm not writing, I enjoy flying, skiing and backpacking with my girls. Thanks for taking the time to visit my page, and I hope you enjoy the stories.