A Day at the Fare – One Woman's Welfare Passage

A Day at the Fare
334 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-0-9980979-0-9

A Day at the Fare: One Woman's Welfare Passage is a memoir portraying the author's unexpected plunge from a cozy, middle-class lifestyle to that of a welfare recipient struggling below poverty level in crime-ridden, drug-infested neighborhoods. Shocked by the appalling circumstances encountered in her new life, Covington immediately committed to freeing herself and children from them.

The book provides insight into the complexities of poverty and depicts some of the pros and cons of the welfare system. It also demonstrates the importance of having a sufficient social safety net to aid the United States' low-income families.

Pamela M. Covington

About Pamela M. Covington (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Author)

Pamela M. Covington

Pamela M. Covington is a speaker, author and advocate. As someone who escaped a stint of deep poverty through the pursuit of higher education, she's driven to encourage others to achieve their greater potential rather than adopt a sense of futility, even in the most troubled of times.

Her previous careers include work as a journalist and a training instructor, but prior to those occupational successes Pamela unexpectedly went from living a financially secure, middle-class lifestyle to that of a welfare recipient struggling below poverty level.

She has earned an associate degree in Television Production, a bachelor’s degree in Communications, a master’s degree in Human Resource Management, and a master's degree in Management. Pamela is an alumna of The Moth and serves as both a literacy and a poverty advocate. Her most recent accomplishment is the completion of an inspirational memoir, A Day at the Fare: One Woman’s Welfare Passage.