A Dog's Journal, Thoughts of a Labrador Retriever – Thoughts of a Labrador Retriever

A Dog's Journal, Thoughts of a Labrador Retriever
120 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9828170-4-9

A Dog's Journal, Thoughts of A Labrador Retriever is a journal for writers to express what they think their pet thinks from the dog's point of view. Have fun with 35 prompts that include my traits, why I'm like no other dog in the world, my favorite words and more. Also included is a calendar to record 365 days of canine fun. You might learn more about your dog and yourself. Other popular breeds are also available as well as one for cat lovers.

Denice Hughes Lewis

About Denice Hughes Lewis (Bend, Oregon Author)

Denice Hughes Lewis

Denice Hughes Lewis recently published a series of non-fiction dog and cat journals for writers, kids and animal lovers to write about what they think their favorite pets think. It's her first introduction to non-fiction as she usually writes fantasy for kids and teens.

She is an award winning eBook novelist for her pre-teen novel, Dragon Cloud. She won second place in the Central Oregon Writer's Guild Harvest Festival in 2013 for a children's fable.

She and her partners won first place for their screenplay, "Boarders" at the Catalina Film Festival in 2012 and a second in the Oregon Film Awards the same year. With Suzan Noyes, they placed second in the Oregon Film Awards, 2014, for "Mission Implausible: The Undead Identity." She has an IMDB credit for the short film, "Big."

You can find her fantasy eBooks for kids and teens at www.smashwords.com and the eBook, My Fairy Godmonster at www.amazon.com.

She is a member of the Pro Series, a Hollywood group of professional screenwriters, SCBWI, Central Oregon Writers Guild, and Willamette Writers.