A Dozen Who Deal With It – A Socio-Science-Fiction Adventure Explores Frightening Possibilities With Ordinary Human Attitudes

A Dozen Who Deal With It
196 Pages
ISBN 1483940217

An imminent planetary disaster leads to the extraction of a dozen total strangers from their everyday lives. After becoming personally acquainted with each of the characters, the reader joins the strangers in Chapter 13 for an awakening of total bafflement and life-threatening circumstance.

The Dozen are challenged at every turn to build a spirit of cooperation, trust and ingenuity, in order to survive, in spite of their drastic personal differences. If they can deal with the day-to-day problems and obstacles, they can gradually piece together bits of the answer to "where are they, and why?"

The amusing conclusions in the final chapters open the door to the Dozen's involvement in a massive impact on the future of Humanity.

Charles R. Schaefer

About Charles R. Schaefer (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Charles R. Schaefer

US Navy 1960 - 1970, Electronics Officer on USS Eaton and USS Forrestal

AT&T Companies 1970 - 1996 Developed and taught training courses for technicians and engineers in Electronic Switching Systems, and Cellular Networking development.

Settled in Columbus, Ohio for 44 years, with Wife, Dolores, raising 8 children.

Third career as an independent producer applies cutting edge photo and video technology to explore the fruits of the cosmic force that makes Life happen. Took up independent authoring and publishing for amusement, and to share some of the inspirations drawn from other explorations.