A Long Awakening to Grace – a memoir of loss and discovery

A Long Awakening to Grace
309 Pages
ISBN 9781974442621

During twenty-two years of overwhelming obstacles, Linda grew in wisdom and strength as she grappled with her children's puzzling behavior and searched for the reason behind it. A miraculous gift of grace revealed the source of her children's heart-wrenching circumstances.

A Long Awakening to Grace weaves a tale of heartbreak and triumph.

Linda powerfully captures a parent's sorrow for "what might have been" as well as a spiritual seeker's reverence for the treasures bestowed in life's darkest moments. A gripping, heart-tugging, courageous journey into the light.

Linda A Marshall

About Linda A Marshall (Dayton, Ohio Author)

Linda A Marshall

Writing as a spiritual practice led Linda A. Marshall, M.Div. to the discovery of her own life challenges as a path of development. Her contemplative spirit is reflected in her memoir, A Long Awakening to Grace, where she narrates her growth in self-understanding, compassion, wisdom, and the ability to love during her tenacious twenty-two year search for the cause of her children’s puzzling behavior and for resources to help them thrive once they were diagnosed with a genetic neuromuscular disease.

She is also a contributing author for Sophia's Table: Women's Wisdom in Five Voices. Readers of Sophia’s Table appreciated her for giving voice to difficult topics in a heart-felt, vulnerable, and courageous manner, proving that none of us are alone.

In 2015, Linda tied for third place in the Story Circle Network’s Life Writing Contest for her essay, "Perfect Failure." And in 2016, her blog post, “Atonement” was included in SCN’s anthology, Real Women Write.