A Maine Town Responds – Cape Elizabeth and South Portland in the Civil War

A Maine Town Responds
254 Pages
Next Steps Publishing
ISBN 0972858709

At the time of the American Civil War, the town of "Cape Elizabeth" included the entire area of present day South Portland and Cape Elizabeth. It was populated primarily by farmers and folks who made their living by the sea. Utilizing municipal records, local newspapers, and military documents, the author examines how the Civil War changed their lives forever.

How much support was there for President Lincoln and the abolishment of slavery? Who served in the Union armies, when did they serve, and how did some make sure they didn't have to? How did public opinion change with the changing war news? How was the town able to bear the human and financial costs of the war?

These and other questions are examined in this book which also includes a fold out map and "Honor Roll" of men who served.

Paul J. Ledman

About Paul J. Ledman (Portland, Maine Author)

Paul J. Ledman

One of Paul J. Ledman's passions has always been history, even though he's also pursued careers in geology, law, teaching and real estate. A New York City native, Paul and his wife Colleen Myers raised their family in Maine, where they have lived since 1990.

Ledman has a BA in Geology from SUNY Binghamton, a law degree from New York Law School and an MA in History from the University of New Hampshire.

He and his family are presently living in Portland Maine in a near zero energy building that he designed and built.

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