A Merger of Equals

A Merger of Equals
477 Pages
ISBN 978-0976433644

From its provocative opening sentence to its touching final pages, this novel will entertain you, inspire you, and change the way you think. A Merger of Equals is the story of Jane and Charlie and their climb up the corporate ladder. As it interweaves business-savvy information and realities with a captivating, fast-paced story and characters so real you'll want to call and ask them to meet you for coffee, A Merger of Equals demonstrates that quite a few so-called truths about work, life and love are not even close to true.

Jane is fierce, ambitious and brilliant. She’s also skeptical and sarcastic. Sure she’s going to be considered an incompetent interloper in the cozy little men’s club that is the traditional business world, she is determined to get to the top anyway. Charlie is the quintessential golden boy on the fast track to the top. He knows how to play the game, he’s charming, and he’s gorgeous.

Jane and Charlie meet when he is assigned as her mentor at the big-time investment bank where they both work. Over the next ten years, they become colleagues, then friends, partners, and parents. They balance her inherent skepticism and his blithe optimism to propel themselves upward, all the while surrounded by friends and lovers, some of whom ease the climb and some of whom decidedly do not.

As it unfolds, A Merger of Equals recreates the business world in all its complacent, illogical, sexist glory and reveals how very differently men and women experience ambition, work, sex, love and life. Readers and reviewers have called it "stunning," "one of those books you just want to get under the covers with," "densely packed with business advice," and "one of the most enlightening and true works of fiction about corporate life and love."

Debra Snider

About Debra Snider (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Debra Snider

Debra Snider is an author, speaker, no-longer-practicing lawyer, and former C-suite executive. She has written two novels, Lost Wyoming (September 2016) and A Merger of Equals (2006), two nonfiction business books, Working Easier (2005) and The Productive Culture Blueprint (2003), and numerous essays, articles, and short stories. Her short story "The Day Lust Left the Room" won Honorable Mention in the Mainstream/Literary Short Story category of the 74th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition (2005) and is available as a short work on Amazon.

Debra is a 1976 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Michigan, where she majored in English Language and Literature, and a 1979 graduate of the University of Chicago Law School. A Chicagoan until 2005, she now lives in Nevada.

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