A Place Called New Hope

A Place Called New Hope
263 Pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-4621-2187-8

A mysterious childhood incident causes English heiress Letty Leighton to suspect she might not be born to the upper class. Later, influenced by Utopian dreamers like Robert Owen, she desires to use her inheritance to found a Utopian community, but first she must unlock her fortune by marrying. Penniless explorer Patrick Marlowe will be the perfect husband, she reasons, because his upcoming four-year expedition to Africa will provide plenty of freedom to pursue her goal.

Things spiral out of control when some of New Hope's residents resist her "rules," and prejudice and misunderstanding fuel the nearby townspeople to hostility. When her husband returns early from his expedition, Letty and Patrick soon realize their misfortunes are not accidental: a hidden enemy is sowing rumors and discord to destroy New Hope and bring down Patrick's anti-imperialistic political ambitions.

As the couple works together to save Utopian community, their marriage of convenience matures into love. However their foe proves willing to stop at nothing to bring them down ... even murder. Now Letty must struggle not only to save Patrick's and her dreams, but their lives.

Catherine McGreevy

About Catherine McGreevy (Sacramento, California Author)

Catherine McGreevy

Catherine McGreevy grew up attending international schools in France, Spain, and Morocco, where she learned to appreciate other cultures as well as America’s unique democratic ideals. After majoring in Journalism with a minor in English at Brigham Young University, she worked at a group of newspapers in Los Angeles as a reporter and editor before returning to college to earn an English teaching credential.

A lifelong bookworm, Catherine loved gothic, suspense and historical novels by authors such as Mary Stewart, Phyllis Whitney, Victoria Holt, and Elizabeth Stewart. Now living in Northern California’s gold country, she has published several novels, including The Gardener’s Tale, Chance’s Bluff, A Place Called New Hope, and The Jewelry Case. She is currently under contract with Cedar Fort Publishing, and is working on several other novels.

Currently Catherine is president of Sacramento Suburban Writers Club and is active in other writers’ organizations, including Sisters in Crime, California Writers Club, and American Night Writers Association. You can follow Cathy on Facebook at facebook.com/cathy.mcgreevy.9 and read her blog at cathymcgreevy.wordpress.com.

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