A Plausible Universe – An inquiry into the foundations of materialism

How did the magnificent universe we observe in the dark of night emerge from the state of absolute nothingness that logic demands must have preceded it? The author presents a conjecture that explores an essential aspect of the structure of this material universe.

A feature of the Language of Mathematics is proposed as the means by which the ‘something from nothing’ enigma is solved. Unlike its reliance on the proposed big bang theory, science can now explain the emergence of a material universe in a manner fully compliant with the first law of thermodynamics.

Don Reightley

About Don Reightley (Corrales, New Mexico Author)

Don Reightley

Don Reightley has long been fascinated by a cosmos that gave rise to the Universe humans gaze at in moments of wonderment. He is also absorbed by the more down-to-earth causes that make humans behave in the often curious ways they do. After years of observation he found a way to combine interests by exploring the relationship that exists between human nature and nature itself.

The inanimate Universe behaves strictly according to natural laws set down in the Language of Mathematics. Humans must follow this cosmic mandate but, because of our conscious brain, they seem to possess an alien freedom of will. He cannot help wondering: What does this say about us and about the nature of consciousness?