A Shiny for Trick

A Shiny for Trick
69 Pages
ISBN 9781508049944

We have all lost something. But where does stuff go when it’s lost?

Trick loves stuff, as all Nomchai do. She lives in a world of lost things, where she collects and wears misplaced keys. Every lost key belongs to exactly one magical box which contains exactly one missing item from the human world. She loves the strange objects inside each box above all others for a short amount of time. When she tires of her new favorite treasure, she finds the one person in her world that is looking for it and returns it. Trick exists only to return lost stuff to where it belongs. It’s a joyful existence. A quiet, aware one. A private existence. And that suits her just fine.

Until she finds something so wonderful she doesn’t want to give it back.

A Shiny for Trick is a short work of fiction set in Traverse City, Michigan, during one of the area’s most beloved festivals.

S.K. Balk

About S.K. Balk (Traverse City, Michigan Author)

S.K. Balk

S.K. Balk lives in the frozen wastelands of Northern Michigan with her husband, roommate, two melodramatic dogs, and two adorably distracting cats. She works in the blood banking industry as a coordinator and in the laboratory and writes in her spare time.

Other than writing, she has far too many hobbies to occupy her time, including hunting, fishing, sewing, reading, playing video games, orchestrating Dungeons & Dragon campaigns, and doing whatever she can to save the world.

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