A Star Full of Sky

A Star Full of Sky
28 Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 1947465112 ISBN-13: 978-1947465114

Raven Howell's short poems, packed with warmth and insight, are sure to stir a child's sense of wonder. —Iza Trapani, author / illustrator of The Itsy Bitsy Spider and many other books for children

Reading this poetry, a child can relate and connect to our universe. Such wonderful imagery; makes the imagination soar! Light, flowing, and easily read. —Jennifer Sheehan, Publisher, Bumples Magazine

Fun poems to inspire and awaken curiosity and interest in the sky and the planets! It motivated me to look closer at Pluto. —Lucille Merry, Child Librarian, Desmond-Fish Library

Raven Howell

About Raven Howell (Hudson Valley, New York Author)

Raven Howell

Growing up between the city of Philadelphia and the rural beautiful New Jersey shoreline, I’ve written poetry since childhood. My writing has taken me to many adventures – from a career at Atlantic Records in NYC as a songwriter, a greeting card verse writer, to a focus on children’s poetry.

Over the years I’ve had several children’s picture books published, and most recently authored, Shimmer/Songs of Night (Spork/2017), A Cheer for the Year (Spork/2018), A Star Full of Sky (Daffydowndilly/2017), and My Community (MacClarenCochrane Publishing/2018).

I write poetry and have artwork in a variety of magazines such as Highlights for Children, Ladybug, Hopscotch, Stinkwaves, Fun for Kidz, Cricket, Spider, Parents and Children Together, Hello Highlights, High Five, and The Friend Magazine. My work is included in anthologies, DVD’s and CD’s. I have received awards for poetry from the SCBWI and Poetry Soup, and enjoy presenting children’s writing workshops.

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