A Time to Choose – Colonial Dream #3

A Time to Choose
265 Pages
ISBN 1947523856

One man committed to serving God and country. One woman committed to bringing slavery to an end.

Captain Andrew Browning’s new assignment is to head up security at the Lincoln White House. A Virginian and a longtime friend of Robert E. Lee, he must decide whether to resign from the Union Army. His long-time fiancée is a beautiful Southern belle whose father runs a plantation with slaves who were Andrew’s childhood friends. His choices will also affect his family: his blacksmith father, mother, and twin sisters.

Maggie Strickland’s mission is to bring a petition from Massachusetts abolitionists to Lincoln demanding an end to slavery. A Harvard graduate in political science and journalism, Maggie writes about her passions and the war under a pseudonym. She plans to change the South and give her heart to Andrew, a man who has made difficult choices and is embittered by his former relationships. Impetuous and driven, Maggie’s passion for her family, justice, and God determines her choices.

A Time to Choose is a Christian historical romance set in Washington, DC, during the Civil War years.

Can two people make the world a better place to raise the next generation of Americans?

Diane E. Tatum

About Diane E. Tatum (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Diane E. Tatum

Diane began writing in elementary school. Her first book Gold Earrings started as a creative writing assignment in high school. She is currently a Forget Me Not Romance author for Winged Publications. She has 6 novels available!

When she’s not writing, Diane teaches English Composition as an adjunct professor for Motlow State Community College at Tullahoma High School. She taught middle school for 11 years to put her sons through college.

Diane and her husband Ken live in Tullahoma, TN. They have 2 sons and daughters-in-law and 4 grandsons. They own 2 dogs: an 18-year-old Jack Russell and a 3-year-old retired racing greyhound.