A Year in the Valley – Witnessing Menomonee Valley Revitalization

The history of the Menomonee Valley is one of transformation. The original fertile wild rice marsh was completely filled as the Valley became Milwaukee’s industrial powerhouse. By the late twentieth century most of the industries had moved out, leaving blight and pollution.

The last 15 years have seen efforts by the city, business interests and environmental advocates to revitalize the Valley. Visionary plans are underway that combine economic development with environmental restoration. Businesses have returned, the river has been rehabilitated and new parks have been created, along with new opportunities for arts, culture and recreation.

Eddee Daniel

About Eddee Daniel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin Author)

Eddee Daniel

Eddee Daniel is a Milwaukee-based photographer and writer. His work explores the intersection of nature and human culture. A graduate of U.W.—Madison and UWM, he brings to his current practice over 30 years of experience teaching art and writing about nature.

Eddee serves on the boards of Preserve Our Parks and the Friends of the Hank Aaron State Trail. He writes a column for Milwaukee Magazine called Urban Wilderness. He lives in Wauwatosa next to the Menomonee River, the subject of his first book, Urban Wilderness: Exploring a Metropolitan Watershed, which is a tribute to an urban river in the spirit of Aldo Leopold.

In recent years, self-published art and photo books have become a focus of Eddee’s practice. A thorough listing of books are available on his website: www.eddeedaniel.com

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