Abandonment to Forgiveness

Abandonment to Forgiveness
92 Pages
Aspire Press
ISBN 978-159636-625-1

At some point in every woman's life, a feeling of abandonment causes deep-rooted pain and insecurity. Maybe you've experienced a father leaving your family, or a husband who walked out on you. No matter the extremity, God cares for you and wants you to feel completely satisfied as his precious child. It's okay to have heartache over the people in this world who have misused your trust; this fallen world has its fair share of bruises to the heart. But God has a comfort like nothing else on earth, and this booklet will guide you through the steps to feel complete peace once again.

Michelle Moore tells her story of having been abandoned by her mother when she was young. Her mother changed her identity and disappeared for nearly 18 years. To make things worse, her parents had divorced, and her father had remarried and didn't want her to live with him. "Just how awful am I?" she asked, "That not even my own parents want me?" Michelle's life was marked by sadness, fear, and pain. But God had a bigger plan for her − and for all those who suffer rejection and hurt.

Abandonment to Forgiveness includes a Bible study by Paige Henderson that highlights God's loving promises to all who suffer from fear and insecurity. She reminds us of the story of Joseph, who suffered abandonment and betrayal, and went on to forgive and find strength. In the last section, licensed counselor Sharon Kay Ball, walks you the steps of grief and rebuilding your life through practical advice and biblical counsel.

Abandonment to Forgiveness will bring you hope and wholeness. It will speak to your heart and will strengthen your faith. It includes questions and Scripture passages − along with space to journal.

Michelle Moore

About Michelle Moore (Nashville, Tennessee Author)

Michelle Moore

Michelle Moore understands what it takes to produce at a high level. Abandoned as a child by both her parents, Michelle evolved into a powerhouse business woman. Michelle has earned over 40 sales, leadership, and literary awards throughout her career. She travels the country as an award-winning author, inspirational and motivational speaker, leadership coach, and sales trainer. She enjoys coaching, motivating, and inspiring men and women looking to achieve the highest level of success both professionally and personally. As the owner of Real Estate Coaching Simplified, the host of The Power of Real Estate radio show, and speaker for God Crazy Freedom Women’s Conferences, Michelle speaks truth, love, and empowerment into the lives of men and women throughout the world.

Michelle lives in Lebanon, Tennessee, with her husband of nearly twenty-two years, Jeff Moore, and their two sons, Dillon and Carson. When she’s not working or serving at church, you can find Michelle building forts out of pillows with her boys or planning their next adventure.

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