ACTIVATE – Unleash the Power of Prayer

God is not the Author of chaos. He is methodical and authentic in His instruction. He created Prayer. We are told to pray, but what is the Genesis of this discipline? How did Prayer actually originate?

This book – ACTIVATE Unleash the Power of Prayer - is the first of the UNLEASH series. It goes directly to the heart of the most important means of communication. This is our two-way relationship with our Heavenly Father.

The Bible gives us the living examples for all humankind to emulate in every life situation. It teaches us how we are to pray, from the Book of James. Then learn from the great Bible heroes how they prayed and how God answered! This is a timely book for the critical and sad times in which we live.

Bernard Lutchman

About Bernard Lutchman (Other Author)

Bernard Lutchman

Bernie Lutchman is a bi-vocational itinerant minister, evangelist, and author. He is also the host of a long-running Bible-teaching show called PLUMBLINE, which began on local Public Access TV in Springfield, Il and is still on the air, ten years later. Plumbline can also be seen worldwide on Unshackled.TV On Demand or streaming on Roku.

ACTIVATE is his first book in over six years and the very first in the UNLEASH series. ACTIVATE is volume 1 and birthed out of the Prayers of the Bible. ACTIVATE examines the prayers of some books of the Bible, from Genesis to James, with a direct eye to THE Origins of Prayers, how it works, how to pray and how to apply these prayers to our lives. More than a manual on prayer, it is prayer’s Biblical Foundation.

Books 2 and 3 of the UNLEASH Series are due out later in 2018. Volume 2 keys in on Unleashing the Power of Faith, from all of Psalm 119. Volume 3 unleashes the Power of 3:16.