Advent Journeys

Advent Journeys
154 Pages
ISBN 978-1516841738

Advent Journeys is a book formed through daily short journal entries which could be written by the main characters of the Christmas story as they take their journey to Bethlehem. On the first week in December the reader will discover through the testimony of Zechariah what really happened when the Angel Gabriel met him at the Temple in Jerusalem. On the second week the reader will take a walk with Joseph and Mary along the rocky trail from Nazareth to Bethlehem. During the third week readers will experience life in the fields outside Bethlehem through the journal of a shepherd. And in the week leading up to Christmas readers will walk across the Middle East with the Magi. During a fifth week Joseph will write daily journals about establishing a new life in Egypt and Nazareth.

This "must read," book will bring the people of Christmas to life as never before through short daily journal entries backed up with scripture. A series of questions will follow each reading in order to help participants discover something new about Christmas, the characters or themselves. Reviews of the book testify of its effectiveness.

David Simon, who grew up in a Jewish home has included a sixth week of devotions centered around Chanukah. The author feels these devotions are important for both interfaith families and to help Christians understand a very important story which took place during the inter-biblical period of time. The journals of the Maccabees are intended to be read during Chanukah week.

David Simon

About David Simon (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

David Simon

I grew up in a Jewish home and in a Jewish community. Learning the principles of Judaism and participating in the culture of my faith I have been shaped to love God.

When I was in High School, my friends tried to share with me my need to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior. I rejected their attempts until I was led to read Psalm 22. There was no way around it – this scripture pictured Jesus on the cross. Because I saw His death and resurrection in my scripture, I received Him as my Savior when I was sixteen.

Shortly after I received Jesus as my Messiah, God called me into the Ministry. Graduating from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, God has guided me, trained me and shaped me during more than 30 years in the ministry. My books are a product of this shaping.

Through the book Spring: Connecting with God, I seek to help Christians grow in their love for God, and I also seek to share some things that gentiles might miss because our New Testament was written from the Jewish perspective.