Agastya – History, Legend & Reality

155 Pages
Sri Agastya Gnana Peetam
ISBN 979-8579712356

Agastya is one of most prolific characters that appears in the Indian yogic tradition. This short statured sage appears in Indian literature spanning from the Vedas to the current age as both a historical and mythological figure. The author explores the contributions of Agastya in the fields of spirituality, science, martial arts, and literature. Also woven into this tapestry of history, legend, and fantasy is the incredible experiences of devotees including the author with the great sage. A vison on a mountain, a statue found, a book dictated in meditation – what seems incredible to the modern mind actually took place and is narrated in this book on the ancient sage who continues to make his presence felt in the lives of countless devotees.

Anuradha Gajaraj-Lopez

About Anuradha Gajaraj-Lopez (Fresno, California Author)

Anuradha Gajaraj-Lopez

Anuradha Gajaraj-Lopez is a former journalist who worked for National English newspapers in India. She holds a Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication. A deeply spiritual person, her philosophical thinking is reflected in her writing that brings profound truths in a simple, easy to understand rendering. A poet and author, she already has five books to her credit. Her books are available on amazon, Barnes & Noble, Abe Books, and Walmart websites, to name a few.