All the Roads Home

All the Roads Home
374 Pages
ISBN 978-1523641710

After nine months of living in the Highlands of Scotland with just his dog while recovering from a devastating divorce, Shawn Stewart, a changed man, begins an interesting and emotional journey back to his hometown of Astoria, Oregon. On the way, he reconnects with lost parts of his heart, mind, spirit, and forgotten memories and says goodbye as he begins the next stage in getting his life back. Along the way, he reconnects with his best friend Billy who, unbeknownst to Shawn, has a lot riding on his recovery and future happiness.

Soon after arriving home, an old romance begins to blossom but teeters on a precipice as personal struggles and serious family conflict begin to make cracks into his new life. Shawn’s sister struggles to find a balance between work and family life while his teenage niece, Charlie, is secretly dealing with dark struggles of her own. These struggles lead to dangerous choices that could affect everyone in her family in ways she cannot imagine which leads Shawn into action to save her life.

Shawn struggles not with just who he wants to be but also with who his family needs him to be. Unknown to him it is a feeling he shares with Charlie as they are both trying to find their place in the world. Amidst the chaos the sudden appearance of a mysterious old man named Pockets leads to life-altering choices for Shawn and life changing news for his best friend.

All the Roads Home is a story about how a group of people comes together not just for the benefit of one man but also for each other. It is an often edgy, character-driven novel which deals with some of the darker sides of family life such as death, divorce, teen drug use, and depression, all while interweaving a story about deep family love, new beginnings, and romance.

Michael Melville

About Michael Melville (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Michael Melville

Michael Melville was born and raised in Grandville, Michigan, and is the son of a retired factory worker and interior designer. He is engaged to Stacey and is a proud first-time father to his son Jax, who is 2 years old. He spent years writing without most people knowing about it while secretly honing his style and voice. In 2012, he finally published his first novel, a romance called Running Northwest.

In 2002, he moved to Portland, Oregon, and spent several years living in the Pacific Northwest and northern Idaho. He spent a lot of his time traveling up and down the Oregon coast often with his dog, Harley, at his side. That coastline, the small towns, and the people he met and saw as well as the abundant nature and geography have inspired and become a part of him. Michael now considers the Oregon coast his second home even while currently living in Michigan and goes back as often as he can.

Michael strives to live his life on his own terms, to be different and not settle while seeking his own version of happiness. More often than not, his gut drives his life, and he does what he feels is right, and rarely what others say. This inner spirit and attitude have served him well giving him success in different fields and the courage to choose writing as a career and search for more adventures in life. Michael is attending Grand Valley State University where he is a senior and earning a BA in Writing and focusing on creative writing. In his spare time, when he has it, he drinks copious amounts of coffee and enjoys hiking, downhill skiing and spending time in nature.