Aloha, Mr. Hand – An Alternative Trip through Education

Aloha, Mr. Hand
183 Pages
ISBN 9780990599913

In every school district in America, even one of the wealthiest, a little corner is reserved for the disinterested, discouraged, and deemed "at risk" students. Students upon whom others have given up hope. Anthonette Klinkerman spent a decade teaching literature at a night high school in Douglas County, Colorado, and in this book presents some of the hard-to-believe stories and improbable triumphs from within the school's borrowed halls. Alternative education just means a different pathway to success, an elusive idea for some students until they walked through the doors and met teachers ready to help them succeed.

Anthonette Klinkerman

About Anthonette Klinkerman (Denver, Colorado Author)

Anthonette Klinkerman

Anthonette Klinkerman is a veteran public school teacher of 18 years, the mother of an artistically gifted teen, and wife of another veteran middle school teacher. She also authored an award-winning children's book titled "Battle of the Grandmas", and another book to accompany her award-winning business etiquette program, Courtesy Bootcamp™. Originally from sunny San Diego, California, Klinkerman has resided in beautiful Colorado since 2000, where she skis and golfs when she can, and writes whenever her two cats choose not to sit directly in front of the computer.