Amber Galloway

During some trying times in the nineteen forties on the east coast of Virginia; June Galloway adopted a little girl and named her Amber. She welcomed the thought of raising this child on her beloved Six Acres; in Yorktown, Virginia. She later took in three orphaned boys to give them a good home.

When Amber is ready to attend college, she makes a connection through a friend at her church to work at a local Williamsburg tavern where they also, gave her a place to live so she may attend The College of William and Mary. She strives to make her family proud.

During her time at college, one of her siblings runs away and then the world is shaken by the break out of World War II.

Throughout all of this turmoil she not only achieves her teacher’s degree, she also becomes a doctor’s assistant in a hometown clinic; where she meets and falls in love with an Army veteran.

You will come to identify with Amber’s family as it deals with life’s events.

Jeanette Cheezum

About Jeanette Cheezum (Hampton Roads, Virginia Author)

Jeanette Cheezum

2014 Pushcart Prize nominee. Awarded The Helium Network’s Premium Writer’s Badge and a Marketplace Writers award.

Jeanette’s work has been published on several online writing sites and in print. Her work appears in fifteen Anthology books and four books of poetry. Three of these books have made the New York Times Best Sellers list. She’s also published fourteen of her own e-books waiting for you at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for children and general adult audiences.

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