An Almost Book – A Breezy Reminisce of Boulder, Colorado is Gate-crashed by a Less Than Perfect Pregnancy

An Almost Book
113 Pages
ISBN 0615393896

In 1986, on the first day of his 40th year the author starts writing a "harmless memoir of my careless youth." He mimics Jack Kerouac and starts typing on butcher paper. What "flows" is a book full of boyhood memories certainly, but also a book of ideas in progress (about baseball, about fate, about writing itself) written with stylistic idiosyncrasies that make the book different without being weird.

Things change abruptly for the author when “current events” intrude and his wife's troubled pregnancy (which he decides to incorporate into his writing of the past) makes him look at his own misgivings and fears. This intertwining of remembering the past while facing up to things as they happen gives the book a powerful denouement no reader is likely to forget.

David Jacobsen graduated from Boulder High School in 1965. He had one article printed in the now defunct magazine, "Washington Golf Monthly." He is also the author of "Confessions of a Sex Artist: Vol I, Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time," written under the nom de plume of Billy Bob Stone, available at Amazon.

David Jacobsen

About David Jacobsen (Boulder, Colorado Author)

David Jacobsen

David Jacobsen graduated from Boulder High School in 1965. He went to college in the midwest, and upon graduation was drafted and served (reluctantly) in Vietnam. He lived in Chicago and Iowa City before moving to NYC in the mid 1970s. He worked for the NY Times from 1981 until 2006. He is married with one daughter. He recently moved back to Colorado.