An Unlikely Bride – No one can hide a secret forever.

An Unlikely Bride
114 Pages
Touchwood LLC
ISBN 978-0-9978547-0-1

Everyone knows that Kalinda only agreed to marry Prince Egil because the union was decreed at her birth. Not only is Egil from a depressing and faraway kingdom, but he makes his hatred towards her undeniably clear after their first greeting.

So when Egil is murdered the night before the wedding, all eyes turn to Kalinda in accusation. Now the kingdoms are either fighting to provide her refuge, or destroy her completely. But as Kalinda flees to escape with her life, she discovers that she is not the only one who’s keeping secrets.

An Unlikely Bride is the tale of a fiery princess and her journey to unearth the past. Will she run from the truth, or will she become the heroine her people need, no matter how unlikely?

Logan Miehl

About Logan Miehl (Salt Lake City, Utah Author)

Logan Miehl

Logan Miehl loves writing from anywhere with a plugin for her laptop—ideally among her native Rocky Mountains, where she enjoys hiking and camping with her husband.

The travels that inspire her stories include the year she spent exploring the country of Ireland, and later living as a volunteer missionary in both Virginia and Rio, Brazil. Logan believes traveling is life's greatest teacher, and she hopes that her readers will discover new and exciting places through her stories.

An Unlikely Bride is Logan's first fantasy novella, now available as an ebook on Amazon and iBooks. She is also currently sharing chapters of Come Away, the first novel in a new paranormal series, for free on Wattpad.