Armor for Orchids

Armor for Orchids
328 Pages
ISBN 1630991074

Three small-town young women face big-time battles.

After suffering a heart-aching breakup, Marissa retreats into herself, over-exercising and depriving herself of food. When she takes on an acting role portraying a mysterious woman named Poppy, she realizes that to find joy again, she must fight for it.

Still reeling from the void left after her father died, Elise fills the space with short-lived thrills and flings, each leaving her lonelier than before. But when she meets Brady Bradshaw, the lead actor in a movie being filmed in her hometown of Bluebonnet, she finds herself drawn to something more than his charm and good looks.

The honeymoon phase ended long ago for Charlotte and her husband, who pays more attention to his phone and sports than to her. After meeting handsome, blue-eyed Wes, her imagination shifts from the fantasy world of her romance novels to reality. Will she strive to save her marriage, or will lust and apathy undermine what she knows is right?

Poppy McAdams calls these women the Orchids. Despite barely knowing them, this sage older woman assigns each a particular species of orchid, one that reveals what they struggle against and how to fight back victoriously. Her own life has been rife with hardship and heartache, but it serves the Orchids well as they learn to trust in God’s work.

A story of hope, inspiration, and life-changing belief.

Diana Anderson-Tyler

About Diana Anderson-Tyler (San Antonio, Texas Author)

Diana Anderson-Tyler

Diana Anderson-Tyler earned her degree in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas and her personal training certification from the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, Texas.

Combining her love for writing, faith, and fitness, she's written five Christ-centered fitness books for women. Armor for Orchids is her first work of Christian fiction, much of which is inspired by the trials and triumphs of her own life and walk with the Lord.

Diana co-owns CrossFit 925 in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, Ben, where she is passionate about helping women achieve and maintain health for body, soul and spirit. She currently writes entertainment and media-related articles for and contributes regularly to

When she isn't writing or working out, she can be found playing Scrabble with her husband, watching Marvel and Pixar movies, and pinning recipes on Pinterest that she'll never get around to cooking. You can find Diana on her websites: and