Attic Letters – Secrets of Love and War

Attic Letters
288 Pages
ISBN 0990464741

An ordinary life…Everything in Daniel Coughlin’s life in Brooklyn has been comfortable. His Irish Catholic roots tie his extended family together in a close knot. His life is ordinary — but perfect. Until Daniel uncovers life-altering family secrets… A rift with his oldest son, Liam, threatens to ruin their family Christmas. Daniel’s elderly mother is emphatic that the box of WWII love letters hidden in her attic will solve the problem between him and Liam, but Daniel has no interest in reading them. What answers can fifty-year-old letters hold for him? The tension threatens to rip apart his family. Spurred by his mother’s insistence, and having no other choice, Daniel gives in and starts reading. And he’s stunned to learn that his family’s history isn’t so ordinary. What he learns flips his world upside down, shattering what he has always believed about his family's history and his own. Instead of pulling the family back together, will these revelations push them farther apart?

Laurie Gifford Adams

About Laurie Gifford Adams (Rochester, New York Author)

Laurie Gifford Adams

Laurie Gifford Adams was born and raised in the gorgeous Finger Lakes of western New York. (Yes, there really IS more to New York than the iconic city!) She grew up in the tiny town of Pulteney. She was raised on a dairy farm with four siblings. She was also fortunate to have both sets of grandparents living nearby and most of her aunts, uncles and cousins. This rich family connection made her the “people-oriented” person she is today and influenced relationships her characters experience.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Keuka College in 1983, Laurie married Jim, a Connecticut native, and moved there, too. She earned her Masters in Education from the University of Connecticut. For 26 years Laurie taught sixth grade English in Glastonbury, CT.

In 2011, Jim and Laurie made their dream come true by moving back “home” for Laurie to the Finger Lakes. They now live on a 33 acre “farm” where they have a rescue dog, Mollie, four cats (she became a crazy cat lady during the pandemic) and two horses, Sasha and Lacey. They love living in the midst of farm country, and this region has been Laurie's inspiration for the settings of Finding Atticus, Over the Edge, and Before I Knew. Laurie's other books are Attic Letters: Secrets of Love and War, You Can Trust Me, and www.RU in