Attitude Is Everything – Ten Rules for Staying Positive

Attitude Is Everything
111 Pages
ISBN 978-1-60810-086-6

"Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?”

Doors open to optimists. They make friends, earn respect, close sales, revel in loyal clients, and others enjoy and want to be like them. The question is: How can you keep a sunny outlook? The answer to that question is important because your success or failure is not about how you dress, how you look, or even how you’re educated. It’s all about your Attitude!

You'll enjoy discovering or being reminded how to stay positive. Bonus: The benefit of this information will payoff at work as well as at home.

Attitude Is Everything is visually stunning. It's filled with four-color photography, intriguing stories, and inspirational quotes. Gift yourself--or a friend--today!

Vicki Hitzges

About Vicki Hitzges (Dallas, Texas Author)

Vicki Hitzges

Given my past, it’s an absolute miracle I’m a successful motivational speaker and author. I grew up with a gracious mother and an articulate, loving father, but their skills with people and words eluded me! Here’s what I mean. At Lake Highlands High School, I was without question THE worst student in Speech class. I felt nervous, panic-y and self-conscious. Almost always, I’d feel so anxious, I’d forget my speech!
Even worse, I didn’t know how to make conversation, follow my mother’s baffling advice to “just be yourself”, or know how to fit in. I felt so uncomfortable, I skipped senior year and headed to college. But, get this! After a lot of hard work, five years later, I was anchoring TV news in Dallas, Texas. I interviewed U.S. Presidents, business titans, professional athletes and movie stars! Then, things got even better! Zig Ziglar, then the world’s top motivational speaker, hired me as his publicist. Zig admired my creativity and launched my speaking career! Me! As a keynote speaker, I teach people what I’ve learned – how to stay positive, how to be hard on yourself so the world will be easier on you, how to risk enough to get ahead, and how to tackle change.
I travel the world to conferences, walk alone into crowded hotel ballrooms, easily start conversations, and make friends. Corporations book me to teach their people to work together and thrive, give great service and get more done. I’m good at it and I love it! That’s a miracle.