Audria – The Untold History

322 Pages
AA Publishing
ISBN 978-0999032930

Whether you are devoutly religious, or an ardent secularist, or in between - Audria's story will challenge your beliefs. It might even make you a little uncomfortable. The story is rife with symbolism concerning many aspects of life, faith, and beyond.

Audria's path leads her to a strange band of rebels, who are determined to take revenge against a nightmarish theocracy that rules with an iron fist.

But is rebellion enough to cure Audria's soul?

Audria – The Untold History is a literary, dystopian novel that explores some of the foundations of our history and minds.

Adrian A.

About Adrian A. (Missoula, Montana Author)

Adrian A.

Adrian is a fairly new Montanan, living in Missoula and surrounding areas for 2 years. He loves the outdoors as much as writing, and also enjoys painting, photography, and traveling.