Awakening to the Strange Perfume of the Precious Mountains – A memoir of friendship and beauty in the Viet Nam War

Awakening to the Strange Perfume of the Precious Mountains
105 Pages
ISBN 978-1-5154-1725

This memoir is not always accurate, but it is truthful. Which is to say that names have been changed, details have been forgotten, real conversations have been recalled as accurately as possible, but events have been rearranged in time and space. Life does not proceed in an orderly way and can be confusing as it is experienced. In time, a deeper meaning emerges. If it were possible to present events 40 odd years ago exactly as they occurred, it would be a long and confusing account. So the memoirist uses some of the writing tools of fiction to make the experience more meaningful for the reader.

I have checked what facts I could and have seen how memory can be at once unreliable, but honest. I had a memory of wearing a side arm when I escorted Miss Missouri in Viet Nam. Upon examining photographs of that occasion, I found no evidence of a pistol. This memory of taking a sidearm, I think, was a memory that drifted in from a later event. Nevertheless, this “false” memory carries the truth of how important the safety of Miss Missouri meant at the time. On the other hand, my memory, tested against other evidence, like photographs, or other accounts has often proven more accurate than some written records.

Kenneth Morgan

About Kenneth Morgan (St. Louis, Missouri Author)

Kenneth Morgan

Ken Morgan was raised in Missouri, alternating every year between St.Louis and the Ozark Mountains. At age 18 he joined the Army and served a 16 month tour in Viet Nam. He was later commissioned as an officer in the Corps of Engineers. Beyond his military experience he became a technical writer for several Federal agencies. Much of what he wrote was so secret it's audience was limited to less than a hundred people, such as, Director Los Alamos National Lab, Commander Pacific, and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

After retirement, Ken published "Awakening To The Strange Perfume of the Precious Mountains: a A memoir of friendship and beauty in the Viet Nam War.