Bearly Mistaken

Bearly Mistaken
146 Pages

Regan has finally come to terms with her future, but sometimes coming to terms with and being ok with your future are two very different things. Living under an assumed name can be tricky especially when you meet your Fated Mate, only to have to leave before your life can start. At least that has been Johnny's experience to date. When Regan meets Johnny she thinks she has finally found her happily ever after, too bad he's told her his name is David and then he disappears in the middle of a war that no one saw coming or the why of it.

When Johnny returns can he and Regan make a life together or will both of their secrets keep them apart?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains some content that may be disturbing to some readers. Graphic descriptions are included in this book.

PA Vachon

About PA Vachon (Portland, Oregon Author)

PA Vachon

PA Vachon was born in the Golden State on a cloudy Thursday morning in January 1975. She is now living in the land of the Pacific Northwest. The adventures that come to life in her mind are finally traveling to her fingers and creating a reality of their own on the pages that she fills with words. The lively voices in her mind have taken control and she can't get them out fast enough!

She lives with a couple of cantankerous grizzly bears (aka her loving, supportive husband and youngest child) and now that her two eldest bear cubs have migrated from the den (aka married life and adulting) she has more time to dedicate to her passion and to pour out the stories that fill both her mind and her heart.

Her hope is that you will continue to find adventure within her books and love her stories just as much as she loves writing them.