Beaudry's Ghost – Legends, Book I

Beaudry's Ghost
240 Pages
ISBN 978-1599989730

For more than a century, the ghost of Union cavalry scout Jared Beaudry has haunted the Outer Banks looking for the mad Confederate officer who stripped him of everything that mattered to him. His honor. And his life. When his restless spirit stumbles across a modern-day Civil War re-enactment, he makes a desperate leap into another man's body. Hoping, somehow, he'll at last find justice.

Taylor Brannon is dead center in the middle of her worst nightmare. Her entire re-enacting unit is possessed by spirits of the dead, threatening to overwhelm the frightening psychic ability she's fought all her life to suppress. The trigger is her second-worst nightmare--a ghost who seems hell-bent on self-destruction.

Taylor has always guarded her heart, but Jared's powerful spirit touches her like no other. After a single passionate night in his arms, she embarks on a dangerous quest of her own: to help Jared find peace. Spurred by the singular courage of one fragile woman, Jared must decide what he wants more. Revenge he's sought for a century, or love that will last an eternity.

The two-time RT Reviewers Choice nominated Legends series is best enjoyed in order (though each book contains a complete HEA romance): 1. Beaudry's Ghost (Jared and Taylor) 2. A Ghost of a Chance (Troy and Carey)

Carolan Ivey

About Carolan Ivey (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Carolan Ivey

Carolan Ivey is a North Carolina native living in northwest Ohio with her husband, family, and two highly opinionated dachshunds.