Become the Parent Your Child Needs – Practical Meditations on Forming, Strengthening, and Releasing Your Child

Become the Parent Your Child Needs
249 Pages
ISBN 1686214693

When you wonder whether you can ever be the parent your child needs, we offer a message of hope – it’s not too late. Each generation looks forward expectantly to creating the next, believing they will get right what no previous generation has ever perfected. Eventually each finds that parenting is a challenge. Chances are, if you are reading this book, you have already accepted that challenge. There is no right way of parenting that works for everyone. You have to make your own path. Tools, principles, and advice can make your footing more sure along that path, but no one can tell you each step you should take. Our hope is that as you read these pages you will discover practical steps that work for you, steps that allow you to be a better parent than you are today.

Stephen Julian

About Stephen Julian (Dayton, Ohio Author)

Stephen Julian

Dr. Stephen Julian is President of Julian Consulting, a firm specializing in team health, effective communication, and leadership development. He has worked with leaders and their teams for nearly 30 years in a variety of settings - including Africa, South, and Central America.

Stephen earned a Ph.D. in Communications from Northwestern University and has taught for a number of prestigious schools, including Northwestern University, The Ohio State University, and the University of Notre Dame. He was selected more than once for inclusion in Who's Who among America's Teachers, placing him among less than 1% of America's college professors honored in this way.

Stephen is invited regularly to speak to groups about personal development and interpersonal relationships. He leads individuals and teams through self-assessment and team enhancement principles using tools such as Everything DiSC and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Guiding organizations through problem-solving processes he emphasizes the need to address both behavioral systems and interpersonal relationships.

A passionate, gifted communicator, Stephen desires to free people to be themselves and to appreciate others so that healthy teams can emerge and be developed. He believes in focusing on one's strengths, addressing one's debilitative weaknesses (those that undermine one's effectiveness), and surrounding oneself with people having complementary strengths.

Stephen's passion for communication began early - spending what seemed like half of third grade in the hall for talking. He was a successful debater and extemporaneous speaker, placing 2nd in the State of Ohio in Lincoln-Douglas debate. Since that time he has learned to listen and to rely more on appealing to rational self-interest through an understanding of the personalities of others than on domination through logic.

Stephen is a lifelong learner who was told by his wife of more than 30 years, "Your next degree will be with your next wife." Currently he is not enrolled in a degree program.

Timothy Parsons

About Timothy Parsons (Co-Author)

Timothy Parsons