Bee BADASS and Brilliant – A Holistic Guide to Create Success on Your Terms with Inner Peace and Confidence

Bee BADASS and Brilliant
158 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9983085-0-0

Michigan entrepreneur, Nicole Zaagman shares strategies from her own journey towards creating success in her new book, Bee BADASS and Brilliant. A Holistic Guide to Create Success on Your Terms with Inner Peace and Confidence, Zaagman highlights the dwindling honeybee population and effects on global agriculture encouraging others to help save the bees. Readers are invited to ponder what's truly keeping them from living the life they want and take action on distractions preventing them from moving forward.

Nicole Zaagman

About Nicole Zaagman (Grand Rapids, Michigan Author)

Nicole Zaagman

NICOLE ZAAGMAN is a Holistic Branding & Confidence Coach, author of Bee BADASS and Brilliant and founder of LUX CHIX - a creative agency for holistic brands. She is passionate about teaching holistic healers to create confident brands, transforming their lives and those they serve as they share their message with the world. Her services include: branding, graphic design, marketing strategy, coaching and website development. Her lifestyle brand at helps holistic souls create success on their terms with inner peace and confidence. She’s dedicated her life to helping others shine their inner lights (as LUX means light). ZAAGMAN resides in West Michigan with her husband and enjoys horseback riding, country music, cooking organic and non-gmo food, fresh green juice, nature, her spiritual practice and spending time in community.